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Neighbouring islands :
Kolocep is 7 km away from Dubrovnik and it has got 150 inhabitants. The island consists of limestone, that’s why you don‘t see any watercourses on the island. Many parts of the island are overgrown with Mediterranean vegetation because of the very mild Mediterranean climate. The village of Kolocep is much bigger than the port. If you go for a walk on the island you’ll notice that the island has got sand- and a shingle beaches and wonderful parkland with lots of exotic plants. If you go to the south-east of the island, you’ll see the bay of Gornje Celo that offers a sand beach. But this is the smallest bay. The two bigger bays are called Sapluni and Porat.
You can reach the island very easily because there is a shipping line Dubrovnik-Kolocep.
On the island there are also buildings with dome-shaped roofs. The churches St. Nikolaus and St. Sergius are in the west of the island. The island has got an own parish church with very valuable sculptures from the 14th and 16th century. The church has been built in the 15th century. The tower in the west of the island and some housings are from the 16th century but most of them are from the 19th century. All of them were built in the Dubrovnik Country house architecture style.
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