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Neighbouring islands:
Sipan is one of the biggest islands in the Elafiti archipelago that consists of 13 islands. Sipan measures 16 square kilometres and it’s about 17 kilometres away from Dubrovnik. On this island there are 500 inhabitants. The densest population have got the two coastal places and the main place Sipanska Luka. The north-west-bay should also be visited. Sipan was one of the islands where a rector of the Ragusa republic was sent to. The rectors’ palace built in 1450 is reminding at that time even nowadays. If you go for a walk on the other side of this island you’ll come across to the fishing village Sundjuradj. There you’ll encounter two wonderful summer residences of two noble families who lived there in the 15th/16th century. If you continue your stroll through the shrubs and the cypress forest, you’ll find lots of dome-roofed old Catholic churches.

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