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It’s no wonder that Dubrovnik has been chosen as a “living stage” for the Summer Games in 1950. It wasn’t a difficult choice, because the history of Dubrovnik has been fascinating for many periods. With its architecture Dubrovnik is representing the tradition of the renaissance-theatre and is taking you to a living atmosphere. Dubrovnik opens its city gates and you get shifted into former times. The city becomes with this festival a centre of art and famous actors and groups meet there. This is the place where Croatia is meeting the world. The Dubrovnik Festival is representing the ambience and the history of the whole city.
All performances, concerts and lectures are spread throughout the city so that the acoustics of the stages are used in the best way.
There are 3778 performances on 50 open-air stages. And Dubrovnik Festival welcomes a lot of international musicians and artists as guests. Together with them the dreams of liberty become true.

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